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The best Christmas ads of 2018…according to BDA

27 November 2018


Whether it’s John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, or a wild-card, everyone has their favourite Christmas ads at this time of year!

It’s that time of year again!

There aren’t many events in the marketing calendar that sweep up the nation quite like Christmas. These days, it’s a global cultural phenomenon where brands invest heavily into their products and consumer marketing.

As a group, we looked at ten of the biggest Christmas ads this year and voted for our favourites.

There could be many reasons the videos found a special place in our hearts – it could be the story, characters, cinematics, emotion, or humour.

The ads that tell a story which we could relate to certainly received the most votes, but some of the highest rated videos also played with humour.

Without further ado, here are the best three Christmas ads of 2018 according to BDA:

Third place: Kevin The Carrot, Aldi

We especially liked the entertainment value and the fact it’s extremely tongue-in-cheek. Despite the silly humour, Kevin is a character we’re familiar with and we’re now rooting for because he’s been used previously. We’re invested in his story, want to know what happens next, and enjoy even more great puns!

Second place: Chicken Is Here, KFC

Again, many of us enjoyed the entertainment value, and turning the chicken into its own character. It never takes itself too seriously and is perfectly on-brand – there’s no doubt that this is a KFC ad! It shows that simplicity works.

First place: Boy and His Piano, John Lewis

Our absolute favourite Christmas ad from this year, and the winner of our picks, was Boy and his Piano by John Lewis!

While perhaps unsurprising, John Lewis delivered on the feels. With an epic soundtrack and a great message of a special gift that can change a person’s life, this ad is storytelling at its best. With a great sentiment and emotional message, the ad is powerful. It’s also lovely to see how excited a child is over a gift and what it can lead to.

Honourable Mentions

It was a tough call as there were many ads that we enjoyed collectively. Whether it’s because particular ads are more impactful in terms of emotion and storytelling, or simply because they’re entertaining and made us laugh, it’s hard to choose a couple of favourites when they’re all so different!

So, to round things out, here are a few honourable mentions:

Love is a Gift by Phil Beastall.

This Christmas ad was produced for just £50 and brought a tear to our eyes. The emotion and relatability packed into this ad was incredibly hard-hitting and was a case of absolutely wonderful storytelling. A powerful ad with a powerful message.

Cadbury’s Secret Santa

This ad taps into the nostalgia of Secret Santa and hiding a gift for a loved one simply for the delight of seeing them enjoy it!

Aldi Australia, Santa in the Outback

Aldi Australia have put together a meaningful story about communities looking after one another and showcasing inclusivity. A great “feel good” ad!

May all your Christmases be merry from everyone at BDA!

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