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The problem

Why the client came to us

Adobe required a range of stunning artwork to headline their prestigious networking event held in London’s OXO Tower, Adobe Summer Social.

Additionally, they required hardback books to be given out as VIP gifts, but they had no internal capability to produce these.

WHY they chose BDA

How we helped

Having worked before with Adobe for their previous events as well as general marketing needs, they turned to us to design and print the hardback books for the division of Adobe.

We also designed and created the other required assets including a website landing page and emails for lead generation.

What the client felt when the work was done

"The BDA team constantly deliver fresh, creative ideas and have a good pulse on all things digital, which is critical for us. The BDA team respond to immediate and urgent requests in a timely manner and structure briefings for larger projects to maximise the value and output of the session. The BDA team is a pleasure to work with."

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