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The problem

Why the client came to us

One of Close Brothers’ biggest annual projects, Britain Under the Bonnet, is a report for their dealer partners which lifts the lid on the British automotive industry.

They needed someone they could trust to produce the finished version of the report and associated marketing collateral.

WHY they chose BDA

How we helped

Close Brothers has worked with us for a number of years and knew our team of creatives could produce their report in a way that appealed to their dealer partners.

So, they turned to BDA for help.

Additionally, we created an interactive “branching” video to increase engagement and downloads of the report.

The video enabled Close Brothers’ dealer partners to obtain key information from the report in bite-sized chunks, using an interactive interface that allowed them to pick and choose what they wanted to see.

What the client felt when the work was done

"BDA not only produced a stand-out report, but the interactive video has also been incredibly popular. We used BDA for our report last year and look forward to working with them again on our next big project."


Average open rate from 22,820 emails sent.


Requests from new dealers.


Website visits generated.

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