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50th Podcast Special

18 January 2019

To commemorate our 50th episode, we've put together a celebratory edition of BDA Chat for you!

BDA Chat is halfway to one hundred episodes!

In light of our monumental 50th episiode, we're bringing you our 50 top tips and advice for marketers, creatives, techies, and everyone in between!

From the best podcasts and audiobooks, to home assistants, food, software recommendations, and more. This episode has it all!

Check out this episode of BDA Chat to discover our best tips, tricks, and advice for life!

If you have questions, topic suggestions, or anything else you’d like to share with us, please do get in touch.

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  1. Holly. Top Pods: Infinite Monkey Cage, Wolf 359 , 372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back 
  2. Lee. Use dead space and listen to podcasts in the car. 
  3. Rob. Best Home Assistant… All of them 
  4. Holly. Top audiobook: World War Z 
  5. ALL. Best Zombie Reference Points. 28 Days Later/Walking Dead/Game of Thrones 
  6. Lee. Put spinach in everything
  7. Rob. Top Industry Publication is Wired 
  8. Holly. Top Free Software for Creative people: Krita 
  9. Lee. A Better NLE that Adobe Premiere? Davinci Resolve 
  10. Rob. Top tip for a more immersive web: Don’t Ignore Sound
  11. Lee. Make sure you include subtitles in video.
  12. Holly. Top Chrome Addon: Ublock Origin with “Fanboy’s Annoyance List​​” filter added to block cookie nags 
  13. Lee. Read’s Blog for Free tip and Video Assets
  14. Rob. Top Playlist to Work To: Ludovico Einaudi  
  15. Lee. Top Playlist: Focus on the Remix 
  16. Holly. Top Bit of Tech I’ve Bought Recently: Bluetooth Earphone Eyemask 
  17. Rob. Top Bit of Tech to Look Out For in 2019: Oculus Quest
  18. Lee. Best After Effects Plugin: Andrew Krammer’s FX Console
  19. Holly. Top Youtube Channel. Linus Tech Tips
  20. Lee. As you get older wear less lightly coloured trousers. Darker trousers. I think this is a joke about Rob. 
  21. Rob. Top Advice for Business and Life: Do fewer things but do them better
  22. Holly. Top Internet Cat: Lil Bub
  23. Lee. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your emails
  24. Rob. Best motivating Movie Soundtrack. The Greatest Showman
  25. Holly. Top thing I’m looking forward to in 2019: Mentoring Work Experience Girl
  26. Lee. Top After Effects Plugins: Rubber Hose Toys
  27. Lee. Tools for Colour Grading. Magic Bullet Looks Color in After Effects and Premiere
  28. Lee. Photoshop Levels! Dim your white colours to make light text on top stand out
  29. Lee. Use a Wacom tablet for photo editing. For example
  30. Rob. Top use of anticipation marketing: Red Dead Redemption 2
  31. Lee. Share More
  32. Lee. Desk Mantra: Believe, Take Time, Space, Breathe… Go!
  33. Holly. Top Twitter Account. One Perfect Shot
  34. Rob. Top app to digest content with: Flip Board
  35. Lee. Top Audiobook about building a brand. Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller
  36. Rob. Top Tip for Content: Create stuff that people like!
  37. Lee. Take audio notes on your phone when you have an idea!
  38. Holly. Top Travel App. Tripit
  39. Rob. Top Linkedin Content Creator: Animation Boss
  40. Lee. Follow #motiongraphics and #motionlovers on Instagram
  41. Lee. Don’t beat yourself up when you see something great. Let it inspire you and be happy for the creator 
  42. Holly. Top tech that really needs to happen: Desks that charge everything
  43. Rob. Top tip for 2019: Don’t turn your back on 360 video. Like this offering from google
  44. Lee: Stick something on USB cables to show which way is up.
  45. Holly. Top thing I want but I would never buy: Cintiq drawing tablet 
  46. Lee. Sam Cooke, Sunday Mornings and Pancakes
  47. Rob. If you’re putting yourself out there… Ignore the hate. 
  48. Lee. For software training check out FXPHD
  49. Holly. Top reaction gif is Homer Backing into a Hedge 
  50. Rob. Uplighting in the office!
  51. Rob. Be brave with livestreaming
  52. Lee. Microwave lemons to get more juice out of them
  53. Lee. Break eggs as 140 Degrees

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