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Googling Google: 20 years on

23 November 2018

One search engine to rule them all...

Cast your mind back twenty years to 1998.

In the year when France won the World Cup and Windows 98 was launched, two college students from Stanford officially registered Google.

Where would we be without Google?

Among a plethora of other search engines - Ask Jeeves, Yahoo, and Web Crawler - Google stood out with it's focus on page rank.

Today, "Google," has become synonymous with "search," in the same way "hoover" has with "vacuum cleaner."

From phones to laptops, documents to digital ads, Google has grown like nothing else in the last two decades.

It has created jobs within marketing to help people, "reach the top of Google," entertained millions with "Google Doodles,' and even designed it's own colours.

But it hasn't been without it's downsides.

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