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How to master storytelling

15 November 2018

With the passing of master storyteller Stan Lee, and Christmas ads popping up left, right, and centre, we wanted to take the opportunity to explore what makes a memorable story.

Legendary creator, Stan Lee, passed away this week at the age of 95. He helped Marvel become the giant entertainment arm that it is, and his characters and stories have impacted millions of kids and adults alike.

From following his passion to create the characters he wanted – and always writing from the heart – Stan Lee redefined how the superhero story could be told.

When asked when he was going to retire, he said,

I’m not going to retire. People retire so they can go do what they want. I’m already doing what I want. I like to write and work with creative people. If I retired, I’d be giving up my fun.

We talk about our favourite superheroes, and why they’re so awesome.

Storytelling can do a lot of things and opens up a number of new ways to communicate.

They can create emotion and mystery – in fact some of the best stories don’t give you everything straight away! They hook you in, drawing on human curiosity.

The 2018 Christmas ad from John Lewis (and a number of others) use this tactic. They build a sense of intrigue and give you an emotional payoff at the end.

Through emotional connections, shared values, and relatabilities, some of the best stories are told by brands through the festive season!



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