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Talking about sports marketing

12 October 2018

Ever wondered about the best sports marketing campaigns to engage the “on-demand” generations of today? With hashtags and live feeds becoming the norm, sports games are more interactive than ever.

Sports marketing.

Done badly, it can be awkward, uncomfortable, and jarring.

Done well, it can tell a story, elicit emotion, and convince you to play the game.

Today, audiences consume social media on their terms, dislike paying for costly subscription services, and want to be immersed.

It’s up to the sports marketing campaigns to bring the game to them, in a way they want.

We discussed in a previous episode of the podcast about some of the World Cup campaigns. In this week’s episode of BDA Chat, we discuss sports marketing on a global level.

With facial recognition technology to 4K Netflix streaming, audiences want authenticity, personality, and VIP access to their favourite teams and players.

It’s up to the sports marketers to give it to them.

From Wimbledon’s suppliers – not sponsors – to TV channels duking it out for the rights to show matches, sports marketing is a battleground full of heavy hitters. In such a lucrative market, brands and channels are trying to one-up each other to get the most engagement.

After all, do you know how much sports marketing is worth a year, globally? Check out this episode of BDA Chat to find out!

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