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Telling the right story

30 October 2018

The power of storytelling is evident throughout history, from ancient cave paintings to biblical passages. It’s used to educate and provoke emotions, brands are tapping into this to create shared values between them and their customers.

The marketing of a product (or a cup in this example) is constantly developing. It’s not just about having a great product that ticks all the right boxes, people want more. How does it make me feel? What does this brand stand for? What does this product mean to me?

In this episode of BDA Chat, we take a look at some recent examples of campaigns that convey a message through storytelling. Whether it’s using emotion to promote gun safety in America or the latest smart watch in the Apple series. Brands are not only selling a product but also the narrative behind it.

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End Family Fire:

Apple watch series 4:

Microsoft, The art of storytelling:

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