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The art of hotel booking

5 October 2018

Since peer review sites like Trip Advisor have appeared, booking a hotel stay hasn’t quite been the same. Consumer needs have shifted, and so have the trends in booking.

Today, a brand’s personality is incredibly important, particularly when enticing new consumers to book. When it comes to your hotel website, show off the features, let people know what they’ll get, and truly provide a taste of the experience they’re booking.

Yet many hotel websites don’t offer everything consumers need – preferring an aloof, mysterious feel that keeps consumers in the dark and expects them to book anyway.

But as it’s not uncommon for people to check review sites before deciding on whether to book a particular hotel, we take a look at some of the hotels that are boosting their bookings with fantastic marketing.

Do you know your niche? Or how your weekend audience differs to your weekday audience? Are you segmenting accordingly?

All these and more are some of the marketing tips and tricks of the hospitality industry. Learn from the big chains – a JW Marriott Hollywood-style movie, anyone? – and boutiques alike; The Lucky Onion could teach you a thing or two!

And when it’s all said and done, can you say which hotels were the top-rated in the UK last year? Check out this issue of BDA Chat to find out!

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